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Getting a Cosmetic Tattoo is exciting, nerve wracking and can cause a bit of a fluster in the days following your appointment if you are not aware of the process of a healing brow tattoo. I have had ladies call me in a panic when they have been to another cosmetic tattoo artist who has not fully explained to them what to expect. These ladies have worried that they have been given a microblading disaster because the tattoo looks dark when actually brows can lighten by 40-70% when healed. Your skin must be allowed ample time to heal before any further touch ups can be made. A brow tattoo is a healing wound and must be treated as such

Here is an example of what you can expect. Please keep in mind that this varies between individuals and is therefore to be used as a guide only


DAYS 1-15: During this time brows will look up to 40% darker and bolder while they scab and heal. It may look like you have penciled your brows in a bit darker than usual. At around day 5 onwards you may notice some flaking and itching. This is normal. Do not scratch the itch or peel the flakes as this may pull out the pigment before it has settled and will result in a patchy cosmetic tattoo. Do not get water on your eyebrows until all the flakes have come away and new skin has formed. The time this takes varies between clients depending on their age and condition of their skin. Make sure you follow your after care instructions given at your appointment

DAYS 10-20: The new skin may look cloudy and the pigment may not show through fully until this skin has matured. The pigment may seem light or too light in some areas due to the cloudy new skin over the top. Please be patient for it to show through

DAYS 20-30: Now is the time to critique your new brows as the pigment has become part of the layer of the dermis. Any areas to be touched up can be done so at your second appointment

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