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You’ve never had a Cosmetic Tattoo before and you don’t know quite what to expect. Maybe you’re a bit nervous but excited!? Maybe you aren’t sure if you should do anything to prepare for it before you go for your appointment. I totally get it. I’ve been in your shoes before so here are my tips on what can help before you go for a Cosmetic Tattoo

FIRST: Do your research on who you want to go to because Cosmetic Tattoo Technicians are not all the same. For example, if you hand two artists some paint and a blank canvas they are highly likely to come up with two very different paintings. Right? Well the same goes for Cosmetic Tattoo. Different artists = different skills, style, technique. Do your research and look at plenty of before and after pictures so you know exactly what to expect.

Now you have done your research and booked your appointment in advance. What next? Well these are not vital (except the bit about lips and cold sores if you get them) so no need to panic and cancel your appointment if you don’t wash your hair or something but they are just tips that might help and should be used as a guide:

  1. Don't drink the night before, your pain threshold will be low if you are hungover. It’s not fun having your brows tattooed with a pounding headache

  2. Wash your hair that morning - because you can't get your healing tattoo wet you will need to avoid washing your hair too soon

  3. Invest in dry shampoo - it will become your best friend

  4. If you are getting your lips done you will need to take a cold sore preventive treatment for a week prior. Even if you have never had a cold sore outbreak, the virus may be lying dormant in your system and if so, tattooing lips can bring it out

  5. Try not to take fish oil for a few days prior as it thins your blood which can tend to push out the pigment

  6. Take a panadol prior to coming if you are concerned about pain. Just don’t come drugged up or you may be turned away if you’re out of it… so no heavy stuff haha! You won’t need it anyway. Just remember the therapist cannot legally supply / give you any medication so it’s up to you

  7. You don't need to wear makeup to your appointment, as it will be removed at the site of the treatment

  8. If you have some idea about the look you want - ie. thick, thin, natural, bold etc this will help but ultimately the artist should be able to design something that will suit your face and that you both agree on

  9. You can pluck / wax strays prior to your appointment. You do not need to come in with a small rain-forest growing on your face. Actually, if your brow hair is tidy then it gives the Cosmetic Tattoo Artist more time to focus on your tattoo. A good artist will give you a good shape regardless

  10. Relax! It's not actually as scary as you might think. I even have people fall asleep during the procedure

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