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What is PMU meant to look like when it's healed?

Permanent makeup means it's more permanent than your everyday lipstick or brow pencil because it's still going to be there when you wash your face at the end of the day. It's going to stay in place when you get dunked by a wave at the beach and your eyebrows aren't going to smudge down your face when you're sweating it out at the gym. But it doesn't mean that it's permanent like a body tattoo. It's actually made of semi permanent pigment and not ink. Body ink is too harsh in colour and the black can change to blue or green tones and the ink can go runny and migrate under the skin surface over time. While it's bad enough if this happens to the pretty pattern on your arm, you really don't want that to happen to your face!

Therefore, Cosmetic Tattoo and Micropigmentation Pigment is made of a larger molecular structure. This prevents it from running under your skin. It's designed to be softer and more natural looking than body ink and it fades over time because it is made to be metabolised naturally by your body. That's why touch ups are required every 12-18 months so you can keep your look fresh, it can change slightly over time and you get a chance to change the colour once in a while to match your changing style and hair as you get older.

A lot of people worry about how they will look when they leave the treatment. Well your pigment will be freshly implanted and it will appear bold. You are likely to look like one of the other 1000's of before and after photos on line because they are taken immediately after the treatment. It's only temporary and to get a good result we must put in the effort. But what about the healed result? Well provided you follow your aftercare for the duration of the healing process... and I mean STRICTLY follow your aftercare... you should have a softer look, slightly more muted and lighter healed pigment colour that defines your natural look and is not too heavy and bold. When you have no makeup on it's not going to look too OTT and when you do want to put makeup on you can easily trace over your brows / lips with some pencil for a more defined look if you would like

Unfortunately some people are disappointed that the pigment does not always remain "perfect" because it fades and changes over time. But it's meant to do this. Your brows are not hard edged lines like a sharpie. The strokes will taper off at the ends and fade into your skin so it looks more natural.

Here are some examples of a healed pigment colour at 4-5 weeks before the final touch up appointment


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