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Ok so you've decided to get your brows in shape (insert hand claps and hair flicks). After all, a good brow will aim to compliment your face, frame your eyes and make you look younger, happier and enhance your beauty. Pretty amazing right! But how are you meant to know whether you should be getting an Airbrush Brow look or a Feather Touch Brow look?

Here's the low down

Airbrush Brow:

Technique - Created with a digital powered pen on a machine operated by a trained technician

Result - When healed it will look like a brow powder finish. A light wash of colour over the brow area, often lighter in the centre near the nose. Similar to the effect of a henna eyebrow on the skin

Lifestyle - Great for people who often wear a lot of makeup, those who like a glam, sleek look and those who want their eyebrows to have a filled look with no gaps.

Featherbrow Brow:

Technique - Traditionally created using a manual hand tool but can also be done with a digital pen

Result - Fine lines with little gaps between that mimic hair strokes. When healed, it is more muted and soft than real hairs

Lifestyle - Looks natural and good without makeup. Perfect for people who wear little to no makeup day to day but can also be dressed up with brow powder when wearing makeup. Therefore, this is also a good option for people who swim, gym and play a lot of sports


Either way, your brows will look styled and if they

are drawn well the shape will really make them.

The good thing about PMU fading over time is that

you can always choose to go with a different technique

once they have faded if you want a little more or a

little less, just speak to your technician about your options.

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