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How To Avoid A (Semi)Permanent Nightmare

Historically, Cosmetic Tattoo got a pretty bad reputation. The blue eyeliner tattoo phase in the 80's and the dark lip liner phase of the 90's is forever etched in our minds like some kind of traumatic memory we just can't forget.

The truth is though, that Cosmetic Tattoo is actually very popular and most people are unaware of the natural toned cosmetically tattooed beauties walking amongst us. Because it's so natural, you just can't tell! I have clients return and say "I got so many compliments but not everyone could put their finger on why I look so much younger. They thought I did something to my hair"

With so many people offering Cosmetic Tattoo and Featherbrow Services, how do we know what we are going to get when we book an appointment? Well, it is your face that you are investing in so make sure you do your research!


Here are my Top 10 Tips

On Choosing A Cosmetic Tattoo / Permanent Makeup Artist:

1. Just because a business is well known does not meant they will be good at cosmetic tattoo. A lot of salons offer the service as an add on to their other treatments but they do not specialise in cosmetic tattoo. If someone mostly specialises in PMU you are likely getting someone who has invested a lot of time and passion into their work

2. If you compromise on price you will be paying for it one way or another. For example, cheap machines and rotary pens hurt more than the high end digital ones because they vibrate harder and cause more trauma to the skin. They also have a higher risk of cross infection due to the shaft design. A high end digital pen will have one disposable shaft that the pigment does not escape from. It should also get wrapped in protective disposable film for your safety. As a result it is likely to cost more when you are getting a cosmetic tattoo with a machine that costs $5000 as opposed to one that costs $300

3. Cheap pigments can turn orange, red, purple or blue as they fade. Look for someone who can guarantee their pigments won't change colour

4. Be aware of appointments of an hour or less. You will need time for your numbing cream to work properly and additionally have a proper consultation where your artist should draw in pencil first and alter as need be to suit your facial shape and preferences. You should have time to consider the options and be sure of what you want and have a say in the shape and colour. You do not want to be rushed out the door. The prep time can take an hour in its self before the treatment even starts. I allow 2 hours so my clients have extra time for decision making

5. Make sure that the two appointments and aftercare is included in the price or otherwise specified. At least two appointments are always required for any cosmetic tattoo or microblading procedure for it to hold

6. Look at examples of the artists work. It doesn't matter how many years someone has been doing tattoo if the final product is not of a high standard. Do you like the style they do? Do they do different shaped eyebrows depending on the client's facial structure?

7.If you are getting your brows done, do they measure your face? It is important to make sure they will be even and suited to your facial structure and that you are happy with the pencil shape before going ahead. If someone only uses templates they may not be matched to your facial structure

8. If you are getting your brows done, has the person had additional training in brow shaping? It helps when they know what they are doing :P

9. Make sure they have appropriate qualifications. Enough said.

10. Attend a hygenic salon. Is there a room designated to the treatment procedures or are you getting it done at the nail or hair salon where who knows what else is flying around in the air?

The above are based on my standard of practice at Alicia Rose Permanent Makeup and are in no particular order, I think they are all as important as each other.

There is a lot to consider but taking the time to do your research on Permanent Makeup Artists will help you to save yourself time and money in the long run

Alicia Rose xo

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